Robyn Lawley Unretouched: 'Plus-Size' Model Posts Unretouched Bikini Pic, Controversy Ensues

Robyn Lawley posted an unretouched photo of herself in a bikini on Instagram and the photo is getting loads of attention this week. According to Yahoo! Shine, Lawley posted the photo in an effort to promote her new swimsuit line. A plus-size model, Lawley, 25, was disappointed by the lack of cute swimsuits for heavier women, and so she decided to start her own line. Robyn Lawley Swimwear caters to women who have more curves -- the smallest size offered is a 10.

Lawley's bikini photo has caused a bit of controversy, however. Many people who saw the photo wondered why Lawley (who looks smaller than a size 10) posed in her plus-sized swimwear when she clearly isn't a plus-size woman. Despite the Australian model's decision to "choose health over success" and switch from straight-size modeling to plus size modeling, people can't figure out why someone so small would be considered "plus size" in the modeling industry -- and life in general.

Robyn Lawley's unretouched photo is great -- she looks great -- but she certainly isn't "plus size." Check out these comments posted on Twitter.

And the discussion barely stopped there. People all over the world have been talking about Lawley's body -- not because there is something wrong with it, or because she doesn't look good, but because she doesn't look plus size at all. Of course this makes people think about body image and eating disorders, which is another can of worms that has officially been cracked open.

Recently, Lawley made a statement on Facebook about her body -- after some people said that she was getting too thin.

"I have not lost weight... I never labelled myself plus size, it was a label given to me because I'm an Australian 16 and for some reason in the fashion world that's considered plus. I feel normal, I always have, aside from being tall."
Do you think Robyn Lawley is too thin to be considered a plus size model? Does this send the wrong message to the world? There seems to be debate about what the "perfect" body is, and every person will likely tell you something different. In a related report by The Inquisitr, there has been some talk about stores determining what size will fit what body. Victoria's Secret, for example, doesn't have anything larger than a size "L" (unless you get lucky) -- and many would argue that the "L" fits more like an "M."

[Photo courtesy Robyn Lawley / Facebook]