West Virginia Assault: Father Of Five Allegedly Beats Pregnant Girlfriend, Says ‘She Was Due The Next Day Anyways’

A case of West Virginia assault has led to the arrest of Jamie Eubanks, who allegedly beat his pregnant girlfriend on May 30. In his defense, he claimed “She was due the next day anyways.”

The attack reportedly started after Eubanks broke into her Belford Avenue home in Huntington and hid in the upstairs bedroom. After victim Robin Ward arrived in her bedroom, Eubanks allegedly proceeded to push her to the floor and kick her in the right side of her stomach.

This may not have been the first time Eubanks, 28 year old resident of McDowell County, had done something like this, as he is a father of five, including the child of his victim. The actions taken have led to him becoming a wanted fugitive, with charges of malicious wounding, burglary, and two counts of misdemeanor battery, according to Deputy Marshal John LaJeunesse.

The warrant was brought to LaJeunesse’s attention by other agencies and led to the arrest mere days after it was drawn up. He claims that this case in particular is a good example of what happens when different agencies work together. Otherwise it could have taken weeks for his task force to even be aware of the warrant.

The report says that Ward was 38 weeks pregnant and had been upset about Eubanks having had a child with another woman, and this led to her finally pressing charges.

The doctors said that Ward needed an emergency C-section ahead of schedule, which had been originally set for June 2 and moved to May 31. Ward’s mother reports that her daughter was left severely bruised from the West Virginia assault, but thankfully the baby was fine.

Marion Ward, the victim’s mother, explained that the relationship had been toxic from the beginning:

“They’ll say ‘Oh, he just needs help,’ or ‘It’ll be okay,’ but it just got worse and worse. This time, I think she’s finally had it. He also made threats that he was going to come and do more damage, shoot up the house and all of that. We had no idea how serious he was.”

Jamie Eubanks attempted to explain why Ward decided to press charges as he waited in handcuffs outside the magistrate’s office:

“They get jealous, and then they try to do something else to get back at you. She fell down, and started crying, and I left.”

Eubanks is currently being held in Western Regional Jail on a $100,000 bond and awaiting his preliminary hearing in the West Virginia assault case.

[image via howardshockey]