Teen Buys McChicken Sandwich At McDonald’s Only To Find A Bite Taken Out

Lovis Gaertner

A hungry teenager got less than what he bargained for when he visited his local McDonald’s recently and purchased a McChicken Sandwich.

18-year-old Lovis Gaertner, from Switzerland, was shocked when he purchased his McChicken Sandwich meal, along with some fries and a cold drink, only to find a huge bite had already been taken out of his sandwich.

The disappointed teenager complained to the staff and was told by the burger giant, by way of a sort of apology, that the members of staff at the branch were: “under a lot of stress.”

The mix up happened when Gaertner, who was at the McDonald’s branch in Arbon, north east Switzerland, with friends, ordered the meal. But instead of handing him a fresh one. the staff passed him one by mistake which had been returned because it was cold.

The victim of the burger fiasco took a picture of the offending McChicken Sandwich before sending it back. but remained annoyed despite receiving an apology and a fresh sandwich.

Mr Gaertner told reporters: “I couldn’t believe it when I opened the carton and saw that not only was it cold, but a big bite had been taken out of it by somebody else, It was like a bad joke, and I took it back to complain. They apologised, and gave me a replacement.”

He added that to his mind the staff should have disposed of the old burger: “I thought they would throw it away – after all I had taken a big bite out of it. I can’t believe they put it back on sale again. It must have been at least 10 minutes before that I had handed it back to them, and it was cold then.”

A McDonald’s spokesman confirmed that the incident had been an embarrassing mistake: One of the staff at the restaurant was under a lot of stress and made a mistake. “Nevertheless, it is something that never should have been allowed to happen,” he said.