Justin Otero: 4-Year-Old Boy Banned From Doughnut Shop For Asking Woman If She Was Pregnant

Justin Otero: 4-Year-Old Boy Banned From Doughnut Shop For Asking Woman If She Was Pregnant

A 4-year-old named Justin Otero had an embarrassing moment at the Doughnut Inn in Munroe, Connecticut, mistakenly asking a fellow customer if she was pregnant.

Justin’s mom Rebecca Denham was mortified by the mishap, apologizing profusely to the other customer. But the incident didn’t end there.

When Denham and her 4-year-old tried to go back to the doughnut shop later, the staff said the boy wasn’t welcome inside the story anymore.

“She said, ‘he’s not allowed in here,’ and I looked around, and said, ‘him?’ and she said ‘yeah, he’s rude’,” Denham said.

The incident made headlines nationwide, with outlets including the New York Daily News picking up the story.

The boy’s ban had led to a backlash against the Doughnut Inn, with many customers taking to Yelp to voice their displeasure.

“Completely appalling that a place of business would ban a 4 year old form their restaurant just for asking an innocent question, that the two customers involved said was in fact no big deal,” wrote Aaron W. from Fairfield, Connecticut. “I can’t believe I used to stop in here. Shame on you Donut Inn – You lost me as a customer.”

Others called on customers to take action against the shop.

“This establishment should even have 1 star…,” wrote Seah H. “Everyone needs to boycott Doughnutt Inn Of Monroe and its affiliates for dicrimination for banning a 4 year old child just because he asked a lady if she was pregnant.. Shame on this establishment….”

Ironically, the Doughnut Inn hasn’t always been so polite themselves. The Huffington Post found an old Facebook message from the company with some decidedly rude language.

“come buy some f***ing coffee and doughnuts” the company posted back in 2009.

The Doughnut Inn has not commented on the decision to ban the 4-year-old.