WWE News: Backstage Concern Over John Cena Leaving WWE For Hollywood

WWE has made some of the biggest entertainment stars of all time, and even helped to progress others. The entertainment industry knows it too, which is why over the last number of years some of the biggest entertainment stars in the world appeared on WWE programming. WWE realizes that they can create guys off and on, but it takes a special person to really stand out and become a household name no matter how much they are shoved down our throats.

John Cena is arguably WWE’s biggest star since The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Due to how big they were in WWE, entertainment companies wanted them to appear on movies and TV shows they had. Austin was once offered his own show after having successful appearances on Nash Bridges. The Rock worked on several movies while in WWE, and is now one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Hulk Hogan, however, was the first wrestler to really make a name for himself in Hollywood.

Hogan was so big in Hollywood, he ended up calling himself “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan while a heel in WCW. Arguably, John Cena belongs in the same breath with all three men as stars the WWE created. All eventually left the WWE to pursue other interests or simply retired due to the physically demanding schedule the WWE has talent go through. However, would they have had something big to go to after wrestling if not for WWE? Probably not.

John Cena has managed to do what the others have not, and stick around as a full-time WWE Superstar with little to no breaks. Only leaving when he was hurt, but also coming back quicker than anyone anticipated. Cena has never missed a year of action in the WWE since he has been a contracted Superstar on the main roster. That is over 12 years, which is incredible. However, could Cena be just like the rest at the end of the day?

Hollywood seems to keep calling Cena, and the roles are getting bigger and bigger. Before, he was only doing small TV spots and WWE Films roles. All of which worked around his wrestling schedule. However, now he is involved in movies such as The Nest and Trainwreck, both involving major stars and both hitting theaters in 2015 and 2016.

There is some speculation that Cena could leave the WWE for Hollywood like others before him due to the fact that he is in his late 30s, eventually would like to settle down, and he cannot wrestle forever. WWE could always keep him around, and Cena has stated before that he “will be WWE for life,” but we all know that things must end. Cena cannot turn down major roles. The money alone is big, but it also gives him something to look to once he leaves the WWE.

John Cena Mania

There are some joking that Cena will be appearing “via satellite” soon, something that Cena has constantly berated others for doing such as The Rock.

While Cena may be around for now, the WWE is already preparing for the day he must go. This is why WWE has started to massively push people like Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, and others. The idea is that now is the time to progress certain people so that when Cena leaves, the departure won’t be as bad. Cena will always be part of the WWE family, but everyone has to retire eventually. Due to Cena’s body slowly breaking down, he may not have much longer.

Eventually he will need a shorter schedule, and in that time off he can rest or do the movie roles that he is being offered. WWE has to prepare for that and they are doing so, it’s just that obviously WWE does not want to lose Cena. If Cena becomes a bigger name in Hollywood, many speculate he would leave WWE to pursue that. Clearly with bigger roles being offered, he’s already getting love from Hollywood. He also fits for several roles both comedic and dramatic, of which Cena has had roles doing. The WWE Films movie Legendary showed the world that he could act, and since then he has done a lot.

WWE made a star here, which is fantastic for them. However, WWE knows what comes from that. John Cena will have to go eventually, and a much less physical career in Hollywood would be ideal for a guy who has done just about all he can do in WWE.

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