‘The Walking Dead’ Star Norman Reedus Talks Andrew Lincoln Romance, Frees His Nipple, And Dresses Like Marshmallow Man

The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus knows just what to say and do to delight his Norman’s Nymphos and Dixon’s Vixens.

The actor has been busy getting ready for Comic-Con and talking about season 5 of The Walking Dead. Shortly before heading to the gathering of the geeks, Norman Reedus talked to The Huffington Post about working on The Walking Dead, and he said something about costar Andrew Lincoln that might make a few ovaries explode:

“Andrew and I just crack up all the time, he’s definitely my BFF on the show. He would totally keep me safe. A budding romance is in the works.”

What’s this about a “budding romance?” Earlier this year, SUPERADRIANME shared a video of Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln doing a Q&A during their trip to Singapore, and there was already an obvious bromance going on. The guys cuddled on a couch, and Norman talked about how he shows his love for Andrew while they’re filming super-intense scenes:

“We have a little thing we do if it’s a really intense scene and it’s just the two of us. I’ll whisper, ‘I love you,’ and then he’ll whisper back, ‘F*** you.'”

Fans can only pray that the Rickyl romance isn’t soon rocked by the death of either of the show’s most popular male characters.

Speaking of deaths, Norman Reedus said something that makes it sound like someone is going to die during season 5 — he promised fans that they’ll be making Daryl Dixon’s cry face:

“I can’t tell you if or who would die but it is The Walking Dead, we sort of have a track record of being fearless when it comes to that sort of thing. Grab your tissues.”

He also said that season 5 will feature scenes that are specific to his character and another person’s character. “There’s some scenes in that that are so large in scale that it just felt so epic… it’s pretty mind blowing,” he said. Fans who want to see Norman Reedus’ character find love on The Walking Dead will likely be wondering if the other character in question is Carol (Melissa McBride) or Beth (Emily Kinney). As The Inquisitr previously reported, there might be a Bethyl reunion in the cards for season 5.

Unfortunately for Bethyl fans, there’s also a rumor that Beth will be getting a new love interest named Andrew. This was first reported by the @TheWalkingNews Twitter page, which claimed that The Fault In Our Stars actor Ansel Elgort will be playing Beth’s love interest. However, doesn’t this seem like the wild fantasy of a fan fiction writer trying to mash The Walking Dead with The Fault in Our Stars?

Who needs another heartthrob when The Walking Dead already has Norman Reedus? It’s hard to find a star who does a better job of delighting his adoring public. The actor recently proceeded to give them yet another nerdgasm by sharing a photo of his bare shaved chest on Instagram along with this very funny caption:

“Bikinilinesfreethatnipple (and yes had to shave my chest for a tattoo for triple 9 so don’t give me sh** it was weird enough)”

It makes sense that Norman Reedus is a fan of the Free the Nipple movement — his “Judas” music video costar did recently post her own nipple photo on Instagram. However, Lady Gaga didn’t do it on purpose.

If you’re one of Norman’s Nymphos and are headed to Comic-Con in hopes of catching a glimpse of the actor this weekend, you can’t be looking for his hipster hair — you need to keep an eye out for his signature swagger instead.

Reedus told Entertainment Weekly that he likes to walk around Comic-Con wearing a clever disguise so that he can avoid being mobbed by fans. One year he went as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Steven Yeun kept him company by dressing up like Spider-Man. If you think about it, the Marshmallow Man costume would be a pretty good outfit for the zombie apocalypse — walkers would have a hard time sinking their teeth into the puffy costume.

Will you riot if Robert Kirkman kills Daryl Dixon off and deprives The Walking Dead fans of the bromantic, chest hair-free, marshmallow-y delight that is Norman Reedus?

[Photo by John Russo, courtesy of Atlanta Magazine]