The Love Dr. Is In: Dale Earnhardt Jr Tweets Dating Advice

Dale Earnhardt Jr on Twitter

Who knew that in addition to being a top dog on the race track that NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. would give fans advice on love? Well, that is exactly what happened on Twitter.

An Earnhardt Jr. fan with Twitter name @IanS_Miller decided to tweet a relationship question to No. 88 on Wednesday morning. His question to Dale, according to Give Me Sport, was, “@DaleJr man, you got any break up advice? Hah”

First of all, if @IanS_Miller’s significant other is also a Twitter follower of Dale Earnhardt Jr., then the point may be mute. Nonetheless, Earnhardt Jr., who hasn’t been on Twitter for very long, has suddenly taken to it very quickly. And he actually responds to his fans.

Earnhardt’s response to @IanS_Miller, as reported by Washington Post, was:

“I ran an advice booth at the mall once. #TrueStory
Do it in person. #HighRoad”

We’d all love to know more about that advice booth at the mall. Was this like a Peanuts Lucy kind of deal with a sign that read “The Love Doctor is in?” Please, Dale, tell us more!

You would think that someone wouldn’t have to be told to break up with someone in person, but, unfortunately, Katy Perry knows that is not always the case. Great advice, Earnhardt Jr. Do not text or email a break up decision.

That wasn’t all the love advice Dale gave out that morning. He had yet another fan, @Jordin_2014, who was evidently worried about being the dumpee, not the dumper, when asking, “@DaleJr Got any advice for getting dumped?”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. also replied, giving more sound advice with a two-step approach of dealing with being dumped.

“1.Focus on the 1 thing about them that annoyed u the most.
2.Party with friends.”

Not too shabby, Dale Jr.! We hope that both @IanS_Miller and @Jordin_2014 will follow Dale Jr.’s advice. If his advice works as well as his racing skills, then there should be no problems.

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