Austin Mahone Reveals What He Takes With Him On Tour

Austin Mahone definitely likes to keep things fun when he’s on tour.

The singer is preparing to embark on a trek across the United States later this month, so Mahone assembled a list of items he needs with him on the road. Although we don’t have access to his complete rider, Austin decided to share a few details with the masses.

According to Enstarz, Mahone apparently has a bit of a sweet tooth. Like most guys his age, Austin isn’t above cramming his mouth full of junk food. When you see the “Mmm Yeah” singer on-stage later this summer, chances are he’s just downed a handful of Oreo cookies beforehand. He’ll probably burn off those calories in the first 15 minutes.

Austin Mahone told TV Guide:

“I need white Oreos, I need a basketball — just in case a game breaks out — and a Playstation.”

Despite his budding superstar status, it sounds like Austin Mahone is just like most teenagers his age. When he’s not downing copious amounts of cookies, he’s either playing basketball with friends or spending some quality time with a few video games.

One thing Mahone probably won’t bring with him on the road is a girlfriend. Although the singer was previously linked to Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello, Austin recently explained that they aren’t dating. This is no doubt very good news to the girls who see red whenever the internet coughs up a rumor about the relationship.

Mahone recently explained:

“We’re just friends. Yeah, it’s pretty funny though. I remember we were hanging out and we took a picture. We were like, ‘Let’s just post this and watch everyone freak out.’ It was pretty funny watching all the comments roll in.”

Now that the Cabello drama has come to a close (for now), Cambio reports that Austin Mahone is reportedly linked to California rapper and singer Becky G. Once again, neither Austin nor Becky have confirmed their romance as of this writing, but when did that stop the media from cooking up a batch of unsubstantiated gossip?

Here’s what the website had to say about the situation:

“When a guy gets a girl a huge bouquet of flowers for her birthday…does that mean he likes her? Austin Mahone reportedly did just that for singer Becky G on her big day, and since then rumors about their relationship status have swirled. Things recently got steamy at the 2014 Premios Juventud Awards, when Austin and Becky presented a telenovela award, and almost kissed. The smooch didn’t go down, but that doesn’t mean Austin didn’t look disappointed about the outcome.”

Austin Mahone kicks off his tour in San Antonio, Texas on July 25.

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