It might sound creepy but this "Eyeborg" thing is really cool [Video]

I remember reading about this back last year when this idea first surface but I figured that actually seeing a working model would be years out. Well, it turns out I was wrong because Rob Spence, who came up with the idea, has just shown off a working model of his "Eyeborg".

With the help of a team of engineers Spence worked to adapt an endoscope into a working in-socket video camera. You turn it off an on by waving a magnet near the false eyeball. When turned on it will transmit a video signal to a handheld LCD display.

Now be forewarned, the following video showing the Eyeborg working isn't for the squeamish as it involves inserting the Eyeborg into the eye socket.

[iframe width="600" height="358" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]

via TechCrunch