Jessica Biel Is Returning To Television In ‘The New Girl’

Jessica Biel is making her triumphant return to television. It’s been eight years since Biel has appeared on television, and now Mrs. Timberlake is set to join the cast of FOX’s The New Girl for an episode.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jessica Biel is going to play a big part in Jess’ mission to get some at a wedding. Biel will act as a huge black for Jess. Although this means that everyone’s favorite couple (Nick and Jess) aren’t getting back together just yet, it means we will get to be blessed with seeing Biel and Zooey Deschanel share the screen together.

Biel will play a character that’s being described as “the hottest scientist in the world.” Seems like something Biel could pull off flawlessly.

Damon Wayans Jr., who started out in the pilot before he had to leave to wrap up Happy Endings, is now a regular on the show, and will also be included in the wedding episode. Of course the whole gang is going, too. The episode is said to be a big event. Seeing as Jess is newly single after her break up with Nick, she’s in need of a pick me up and has her eyes set on the cutest guest at the wedding. That said, she’ll have to contend with Jessica Biel’s character, and apparently it doesn’t go as planned. This episode looks like it will be a big test for Jess and her newly minted single status.

As for the future of Nick and Jess’ relationship, Liz Meriwether said:

“I love them together and I don’t think it’s it for them at all. I’ve never been in a good relationship … I just found that it’s been easier for me to write them as single idiots out in the world trying to get laid and looking for love. I had trouble figuring out where the conflict and comedy was coming from with them last season. Admittedly, it’s definitely fun to keep them apart for more.”

This is the first time we will see Biel on a television series since she returned to 7th Heaven for the final season. Biel got her start at an early age on the show, as she starred in the first seven seasons. With a fierce streak for independence, the actress made waves when she decided to pose topless for a centerfold in Gear. After the shoot, rumors that she was unhappy on the wholesome show surfaced. Later on she admitted to regretting the photo shoot. Looks like she has grown up since then.

The New Girl returns in the fall.

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