Tiny Two-Legged Chihuahua Is On the Move Thanks To Toy Parts And Loving Veterinarian [Photos]

Turbo The Two Legged Chihuahua

A disabled Chihuahua named “Turbo” has earned a new set of wheels thanks to a loving veterinarian and wheels from a Fisher Price helicopter toy. The two-legged Chihuahua has won the hearts of many on his new personal Instagram account Turbo.roo.

The story of Turbo the Chihuahua started when a couple surrendered the tiny dog to the veterinarian when the puppy’s front legs never formed. According to RTV6, the couple bringing in the baby Chihuahua said that the dog’s front legs hadn’t developed and, although his mother was feeding him those first few weeks, as soon as he was weaned, the other dogs weren’t letting him near any food. The couple said they had driven to several other veterinary offices seeking help for the one-month-old puppy, who only weighed 10 ounces.

Luckily the couple stumbled upon The Downtown Veterinarian, who took in the tiny dog and never even considered euthanizing the troubled pup. Practice Manager Amy Birk said:

“A small dog can do well with a cart. So, unless he had another medical condition, there was no way we were putting him to sleep.”

Here is the first photo The Downtown Veterinarian shared on the official “Turbo.roo” Instagram account.

On the Instagram account you can see the progress the little two-legged Chihuahua has made. The photos show a variety of carts that were designed to help tiny Turbo walk on his own. The first attempts were with a simple ferret harness. You can see some of the carts that were attempted but ended up too flimsy for the tiny pup to move. However, after a number of designs and some help from friendly Lowe’s employees, a sufficient cart was created and Turbo was standing on his own.

Burke notes that Turbo is just like any other pup, minus two legs.

“He’s very much a typical Chihuahua. He’s rowdy and loves to play and will attack your shoe.”

The veterinarian clinic employees have grown fond of the little Chihuahua, but know that he would be better off in a permanent home. Therefore, they are currently seeking out an adoptive family for Turbo. Burke notes that they are going to be sure that the adoptive family is well aware of the care that will be needed for Turbo, including the purchase of new carts as he grows bigger.

Fortunately, Burke says Turbo probably won’t get much larger. He is a teacup variety of Chihuahua and already weighs one pound, so only one or two carts may be necessary. The final cart design that Turbo is currently using was created by using simple toy parts. The wheels from a Fisher Price toy helicopter, parts from a toy wielding kit, and a ferret harness created the finished product.

What do you think of Turbo’s new set of wheels?