Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Dating: Actor Rejects Advances, Calls Her A Lesbian?

Kristen Stewart is allegedly desperate to rekindle her romance with her former boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Recently, the Adventureland actress has been heard telling her friends that she misses her ex deeply, and recent press reports have even suggested that the duo were close to a reconciliation. It's even been written that their on-off relationship is currently in a position where they are having sex on a regular basis.

However, the chances of the duo actually officially getting back together have now been quashed thanks to the fact that Pattinson has been seen sauntering around Hollywood trying to find himself a new girlfriend. Plus, he has even been, allegedly, overheard wondering if she's now a lesbian.

CelebDirtyLaundry have even reported that Stewart is going above and beyond to keep Pattinson in her life, even though she was the one who originally caused the disturbance in their relationship after she was spotted smooching with the director of Snow And The Huntsman, Rupert Sanders. Despite her attempts to appease her former beau, there are clearly still issues between the pair.

It sounds as if things between them are only going to get worse too because it's since been reported that Pattinson was overheard calling Stewart a "lesbian" to his friends. OK! Magazine have alleged that the actor was overheard making this remark while dining with his pals. He has been claimed to have made the speculation based on the fact that she has only been seen with girls since their split and that she cut her hair short. But there isn't believed to be one shed of proof that the exchange actually took place.

Over the weekend, The Inquisitr reported that Stewart and Pattinson were of the verge of getting back together again. It was also believed that Pattinson was fuming with former friend Katy Perry, because she had repeatedly hooked up with the English actor while the pair had been apart.

According to CelebDirtyLaundry:

"At one point, [Katy Perry] was good friends with both Rob and Kristen, but somehow, I don't see the same situation repeating itself here. She and Rob have clearly hooked up several times after his breakup with Kristen, and I don't see Kristen as the easygoing and forgiving type that will just forget."
Meanwhile it was also speculated that Stewart has fallen out with her Hollywood rival, Jennifer Lawrence, over Nicholas Hoult. Hoult, who has been dating Lawrence on and off again for several years, is set to co-star with Stewart in Equals, but representatives for both actresses have denied that they've quarreled.

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