Counter-Strike: Global Offensive debut trailer out, confirms cross-platform play

Lucky PAX attendees are getting the chance to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive right now, but if you’re like me and missed out on a chance to go, Valve was kind enough to release a new trailer to show us what we’re missing.

Most of the video is a series of quick flashes of action and a few showpieces for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive‘s visuals, but Valve also dropped some new information in the trailer: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will have cross-platform play.

Just what that means exactly is unknown right now. The PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2 had Steamworks support and allowed for cross-platform play, but Microsoft imposes restrictions on Xbox Live that, at least for now, block Steamworks from being integrated in the same way.

This may not necessarily mean that the Xbox 360 will be left out of cross-platform play, though. We’ll send a note over to Valve and let you know as soon as we hear back.

Until then, check out the debut Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trailer below.