Cesar Millan Dog Attack: Unleashed Great Dane Attacks Man On Street During Walk With ‘Dog Whisperer’

Cesar Millan Dog Attack

A dog attack involving a Great Dane in training with “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan happened Tuesday. TMZ reports that the large dog was in a training session with other dogs in Cesar’s group — all of them unleashed. Sources tell the entertainment website that the attack occurred near his home in Studio City, California.

Cesar was walking the small group of dogs when apparently a neighbor walked up to the Great Dane and let the animal sniff the palm of his hand; the dog unexpectedly bit the man’s hand and forearm. Cesar followed the victim to the hospital where he was treated then released. A source close to the man says “he’s healing” and will have a follow-up visit with his doctor on Wednesday.

A rep for Cesar Millan confirms the Great Dane attacked the man and explains that the Dog Whisperer was walking a “troubled dog” as part of its training, when it got “spooked by a neighbor.” Millan’s rep states that the dog is still in his care.

Great Danes are a large breed of dog that can grow to be 100 or 120 pounds. A striking breed, the Great Dane is seen as a gentle giant with an imposing presence. According toYour Purebred Puppy, some lines are more friendly than others, as with all breeds. Some are more “standoffish or “skittish” than other bloodlines.

The article also writes:

“To build their confidence and promote a stable temperament, young Great Danes must be taken out into the world more frequently than most other breeds.

“Some Great Danes are peaceful with other pets, while others are dominant and pushy.”

Cesar Millan stresses the importance of socialization with dogs. He often tells his clients that they must exhibit a calm and assertive manner when working with canines, large or small. Millan has worked with Great Danes on his show, The Dog Whisperer. In one episode he worked with owners to gain more control over their two dogs, and in another he helped teach a Dane how to swim in the pool.

Other articles on The Inquisitr have reported on Cesar Milan before. After Cesar’s favorite dog died, he went into a bad depression. Another article touches on an appearance Cesar made on a British TV show in which he was called out for abusing dogs by using shock collars and other physical disciplinary methods, for which he isn’t known for. More on that can be read in this article.

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