Duck Dynasty: Clothing Line Lawsuit Against A&E Claims ‘Instances Of Confusion’

Jep Robertson T shirts

A&E Network’s Duck Dynasty certainly isn’t what it once was in terms of ratings and overall interest from reality-TV-loving viewers.

As well as the ratings issues, which was expected by many as shows of this nature tend to peak, then fade off, there has been no shortage of controversy from the stars of the show. The patriarch of the show, Phil Robertson, has uttered some shocking things about Jesus, African-Americans, and the gay community.

But we won’t go into that now as the public is more sick than interested with many of the comments made by him in the past.

The latest controversy surrounding the Duck Dynasty crew relates to a lawsuit brought against A&E by an apparel company claiming that the show infringes on the company’s suit.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. district court in southern Florida on Tuesday, by Hajn, Inc., noted that it had already began selling clothing to the public featuring the slogan, “My Favorite Color’s Camo,” in January 2011, and obtained trademark registration on the slogan from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in November of the same year.

But then, the lawsuit alleges, A&E began selling merchandise that featured the slogan”My Favorite Color’s Camo” with a picture of Si Robertson from the Duck Dynasty show. A&E then started selling lines of clothes for woman and children that all featured the very same slogan.

According to Hajn’s attorneys the use of the slogan: “Has led to instances of confusion, including instances of reverse actual confusion, in that customers either believe that Hajn is selling ‘Duck Dynasty’ apparel, or that Hajn’s apparel and related novelty goods are based upon the show.”

As such, Hajn said they sent a cease and desist letter to A&E in June but, as yet, have not received a response.