Kim Jong Un And Obama Get Down: The Dance Video North Korean Government Wants Taken Down [Video]

The North Korean government is not pleased with a parody dance video that has surfaced on the web featuring North Korean leader Kim Jong Un dancing his way out of a variety of silly situations. In fact, the North Korean government was so upset over the video they demanded that the Chinese government keep it from spreading. Their attempts were futile, and the video keeps gaining momentum.

Chosun Media reports that North Korea feels that video “seriously compromises Kim’s dignity and authority.”

The video was uploaded by a Chinese user on July 11, and at the time of this posting already had over 2 million views. The video features not on Kim Jong Un getting down with his bad self, but also President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. At the 1:11 mark the pair can be seen getting down in the street with President Obama certainly out dancing the North Korean leader.

The 1:29 mark is also video gold when President Obama can be seen giving Kim Jong Un a nice sidekick as Un pirouettes in a dance studio. According to NPR, a Chinese man surnamed Zhang from Suzhou, who reportedly studied at Kyonggi University in South Korea, is responsible for uploading the video.

Wondering what the tune is playing in the background? Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin reports, the whole thing is set to a Chinese pop hit by the Chopstick Brothers.

This isn’t the first time Kim Jong Un has attempted to silence the masses over a joke–a London salon owner was menaced by North Korea for a Kim Jong Un ad.