John Travolta Lawsuit Update: Judge Rules Gotterba Suit Alleging Gay Affair Moves Forward

A judge has ruled in the John Travolta lawsuit that alleged former gay boyfriend Douglas Gotterba can tell his side of things in court. The iconic actor had been trying to prevent Gotterba, a former employee, from saying anything about the claims or moving forward with a supposed book deal regarding the relationship.

Entertainment Weekly shares that the John Travolta lawsuit ruling came down on Tuesday. Douglas Gotterba worked for Alto, John’s aircraft company, back in the 1980s. Now the former employee is speaking up and claiming that over the course of the six years he worked with Travolta, the relationship turned into something much more than just the two working together. He says the two engaged in a gay romance with one another.

Gotterba spoke with The National Enquirer some time back and indicated he was writing a book about the relationship. Travolta’s lawyer shot him cease-and-desist letters, saying that Gotterba had a confidentially clause within his termination agreement with Alto. Gotterba and his lawyer said that there was no confidentiality provision in the final draft of the termination agreement done in 1987.

Since this all started, Gotterba filed a lawsuit against Travolta and Alto. He has been seeking an opinion from a judge about whether the confidentiality provision is enforceable, and whether the early draft with it stands, or if it is the later agreement without the provision to which he is held. There has been quite a bit of back-and-forth between the two sides, and now the judge ruled in Gotteba’s favor.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the judge’s decision in the John Travolta lawsuit Tuesday is seemingly just one of many steps, and there is definitely more yet to come on this one. The decision is that Gotterba can argue in court that he is not held to any confidentiality provisions. Though the former employee stayed quiet for 25 years, he claims that he was “unwillingly thrust” into the tabloids when another former employee started telling similar tales about encounters with Travolta.

Travolta’s attorney said via a statement that they believe Gotterba’s lawsuit should have been thrown out at the beginning of all of this, and they believe they will prevail in the end. This is hardly the first issue Travolta has run up against when it comes to men claiming they had intimate relationships with the actor. Oftentimes he manages to settle and make the stories go away, but this one seems to have some staying power. Will John Travolta’s lawsuit bring a lot of skeletons out of the closet for the actor once and for all?

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