Justin Timberlake Tour Takes Ottawa For 20/20 Experience In Sold Out Show

“We’re going to make up for it today,” Justin Timberlake crooned to the stadium of sold out fans, “We’re going to have a party here.”

Justin was of course referring to the fact that the last time that he played in Ottawa, Ontario while on tour, he was part of boy band ‘N Sync, which was well over 14 years ago (Are you feeling old yet? I certainly know that I am).

The sold out crowd was comprised of 18,500 fans all crammed inside the Canadian Tire Centre to see the man in action, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

When the Timberlake fans walked into the stadium, they were met with the warning to forgo the use of binoculars or specific types of zoom photography as the lenses would reflect the thousands of lasers that were incorporated into Justin’s stage show.

Ever the quintessential showman, Timberlake took to the stage and delivered on his promise. During the entire show, fans got the full treatment as he performed hit after hit as well as some timely covers. Timberlake offered up a full course of his body of work which spans nearly a decade. He entertained the crowd through the use of a prolific light show and dismissed any need for an opening act. That’s right, the folks in Ottawa got Justin and only Justin for the entire night. His show could be best described as Big Band Era meets futuristic space odyssey, if you can even imagine the two coexisting.

Timberlake played to the crowd, mostly comprised of teenage girls and middle aged women, using his lush vocals and the full backing of his band, which included plenty of brass. His dance moves were described as a mixture between Michael Jackson and Fred Astaire.

The Ottawa Sun had the following to offer about the show:

A natural-born showman and consummate performer — oozing charisma wherever he goes, from Hollywood roles to hosting duties on Saturday Night Live, to the studio and the stage — at the heart of it all he’s an entertainer. And a masterful one, at that.

Little wonder is it then that Justin Timberlake has won 60 awards, nine of which are Grammys, and been nominated for 177 total, despite the fact that he’s only released four studio albums.

Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Tour wraps up its epic run on December 20, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re interested in going to a show, get your tickets soon. Many of the cities on his tour are already sold out despite being one of the highest priced tickets available.

[Photo credit: Pop Culture Blog/Getty Images]