‘Batman V Superman’ Heads Back To Chicago For Major Scene

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been filming in the Detroit Metro area for quite some time now, but the latest news has it that the production will head back to Chicago in the fall. Zack Snyder was in the Windy City for the filming of Man of Steel in the fall of 2012.

Henry Cavill (Superman), Ben Affleck (Batman), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), and Academy Award nominee Amy Adams (Lois Lane) will pack up and move south to film a major scene for their upcoming blockbuster. If you remember, Chicago was also the base for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

The website Batman News points out Chicago Tribune reporter Luis Gomez tweeted the news, confirmed by the Chicago Film Office:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice follows in the footsteps of previous versions of Batman and Man of Steel. Chicago was the base for the last epic fight between Superman (Cavill) and the villainous General Zod (Michael Shannon), which caused so much discussion and controversy at the time due to the violent nature of the encounter.

Man of Steel in Chicago.

In Man of Steel, the Chicago Board of Trade Building was transformed into the Daily Planet, the place where Lois Lane, Perry White, and Clark Kent work. During this production, Henry Cavill was spotted riding a bike through the busy city streets.

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in Chicago

In April, one of the website’s readers reported that a massive scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was being moved from Detroit to Chicago. The scene in question involves a helicopter and blowing a hole in a roof of a building, according to the source.

But Chicago is not the only city in Illinois that will be the base for some of Snyder’s blockbuster. It is anticipated that later in the fall, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will head about 50 miles west of Chicago, to the city of Yorkville to film some scenes at the Kent’s Farm — where Clark Kent grew up with his parents Martha and Jonathan — which was constructed in 2013, in anticipation of production.

Like in 2012, when Man of Steel was filmed, we expect to hear casting calls for extras for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Stay tuned for further information to see if you can be a part of this exciting sequel.

[Image via Twitter]