A technology that monitors your television usage isn’t science fiction anymore

Television networks and advertising companies already do a lot of monitoring of our television habits but for the most part the current methods are archaic given all the technology we have but a new company in San Francisco looks to change all that.

The company, Flingo, has come up with a technology referred to as “Sync Apps” that TV companies are hoping to feature in televsions buy the end of the year and it looks to change how our television usage is monitored. I twill be able to report your viewing to websites and online advertisers in realtime.

Here’s how it works:

A television equipped with Sync Apps keeps tabs on everything you’re watching in real time (this could be anything from cable television, to DVDs, to video files shared over your home network). Then Sync Apps sends the information to a server that identifies whatever you’re watching. Computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices — anything sharing the same network connection as your television — can then tap into that information to display relevant web content on the fly. If the channel on your television changes, so does what you see on the web. And here’s where the money is: Data collected and analyzed by Sync Apps will also be made available to social networking sites and advertising companies.

via io9

While this technology can supposedly turned off by the consumer I still get a bad feeling when I read about technology like this.