Tallulah Willis Pregnant: Demi Moore, Bruce Willis To Become Grandparents?

It looks as though Tallulah Willis is pregnant with her first child. According to Rumor Fix, there have been several clues about Tallulah's supposed pregnancy, that she has posted herself. So, are Bruce Willis and Demi Moore going to be grandparents? It definitely looks like it. Tallulah has posted a couple of photos of herself on Instagram, calling attention to her baby bump -- so unless this is a joke (and her tummy is fake), that is the case indeed.

Mail Online seems to think that Willis is joking, according to comments left by her fans. One stating that Willis is just bloated. However, the 20-year-old seems to be keeping the charade going.

Tallulah Willis hasn't said she's pregnant, but she has used various hashtags that are equivalent. Phrases like: new life, new beginnings, baby on board, happy, and blessed were all used by Willis. She also said that she was 20 weeks along and that the "cats out of the bag."

News of Tallulah's possible pregnancy comes just two months after her father, Bruce Willis, welcomed a baby girl with his wife, Emma. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bruce and his wife introduced their daughter, Evelyn, to the world back in May. The photos show the couple's other daughter, Mabel, holding her little sister, and are seriously too cute.

Tallulah hasn't had too much baby practice, however, given the fact that she is the youngest of three. Her sisters, Scout, 22, and Rumer, 25, may have helped take care of her -- but Tallulah did not have any little sisters or brothers to help out with. It's unknown how close she is with her father or if she has spent a lot of time with his two kids -- but hopefully, she is ready to have a baby of her own. Tallulah's baby will have two aunts just months older than her. So that is interesting.

A rep for Tallulah has not returned phone calls to any media outlet that has tried reaching out. So far, it's a guessing game. Some think that Tallulah is expecting a baby and would have no reason to fake it, but others think she's just playing a major prank.

Do you think Tallulah Willis is pregnant?