Casey Kasem’s Body Was Reportedly Shipped To Canada

Late last week, multiple news agencies reported that Casey Kasem’s remains had mysteriously vanished. On Wednesday, a representative with Tacoma’s Gaffney Funeral Home confirmed Kasem’s body was shipped to Canada — one month after he passed. Corey Gaffney said Kasem’s wife, Jean, ordered the shipment.

The bitter animosity between Kasem’s wife and children began in the year prior to his June 15 death. In his final months, Kasem suffered with numerous ailments, including dementia.

Kasem’s children said Jean denied them visitation with their father. However, Jean argued that Casey was not interested in spending time with his children. Casey’s daughter Kerri was specifically concerned, as she believes Jean’s erratic behavior was a detriment to her father’s health.

Following Casey Kasem’s death, the battle between his wife and children continued. Although Jean wanted her husband cremated, Kerri and her siblings requested an autopsy.

More than one month after Kasem’s death, Judge Ronald Culpepper issued a temporary restraining order against Jean Kasem. In the order, Judge Culpepper “ordered Jean Kasem to ensure [Casey’s] remains were preserved and that his body stayed at the Tacoma funeral home.”

When Kerri presented the restraining order to the funeral home, she was stunned to learn her father’s remains were already moved. Although Gaffney initially refused to disclose any details, he later confirmed Casey Kasem’s body was shipped to Canada per Jean’s request.

As reported by People, Casey’s death certificate was signed by Jean Kasem. The document, which was filed in the Pierce County Superior Court, specifies that the remains were shipped to Urgel Bourgie Funeral Home in Montreal, Canada.

Although she has not commented on the latest allegations, Jean previously stated that she was being “blackmailed” by her late husband’s children. She said she “will not negotiate with terrorists… will not give in to their blackmail and attacks.”

As reported by CNN, Kerri and her siblings deny terrorizing their step-mother. Although the family is devastated that Casey’s remains were shipped out of the country against their wishes, they simply “want to know where he’ll be buried.”

Santa Monica Police Sergeant Rudy Camarena confirmed the allegations of elder abuse are part of “an open and ongoing investigation.” Kerri said the entire ordeal has been painful for her and her siblings. However, she is not willing to give up.

Although Casey Kasem passed away last month, the battle between his wife and children is far from over.

[Image via Outside The Beltway]