FriendFeed Launches iPhone Interface

Duncan Riley

FriendFeed has announced the launch of FriendFeed for iPhone, an iPhone specific interface for the growingly popular social aggregator.

To date, FriendFeed hasn't offered a dedicated mobile service, however FriendFeed To Go (FFToGo), an API based third party site has done a decent job of providing mobile access. The biggest differences between FFToGo and FF for iPhone are in font size: on my iPhone the new iPhone version of FF is easier to read than the same page on FFToGo, which is optimized for all mobile phones, not just the iPhone.

Bret Taylor on the FriendFeed blog notes that along with font sizes, graphics, and forms have been tweaked to make it easier to use on the iPhone. If users wish to switch back to the original FriendFeed page, they can also select normal link at the bottom of the page. The only missing features I can see are Friend following and management, so for 99.9% of the time most people won't require the normal page.