Niall Horan Thinks Of His One Direction Bandmates As ‘Family’

Niall Horan was recently struck with a serious case of the feels while celebrating the four-year anniversary of One Direction.

Believe it or not, the insanely popular UK group is only 48-months-old. Try imagining the world without One Direction.

Please take a moment to wipe up the torrent of tears before continuing with this article. We didn’t mean to shake your existence to its very foundation, but we promise it was done to illustrate a point.

Like many fans around the world, Niall Horan is particularly fond of his fellow singers. In fact, Reveal reports that Horan shared a very thoughtful note with the 1D fellas to mark their four-year anniversary together. According to Niall, the guys are pretty much family at this point. There’s no doubt a lot of fans who think of the guys as family too. If you feel something strange, that’s just Horan tugging on your heartstrings.

Horan issued the following mushy messages on Twitter:

Of course, Niall Horan isn’t the only person who’s overcome with emotions right now. In fact, so many people are celebrating One Direction’s anniversary that #4YearsOfOneDirection is presently the top trend on Twitter. The fellas are no doubt feeling the love this week. Check it out.


— please liam (@liamsbeaniex) July 23, 2014

I still remember that article in a magazine that made me google them. Words arent good enough. #4YearsOfOneDirection

— 4 Years •• 4 Años (@1DWWATUpdates) July 23, 2014

Are you surprised by Niall Horan’s heartfelt message to his bandmates? How are you celebrating the four-year anniversary of One Direction?

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