Defense Ministry Announces Two Ukrainian Combat Fighter Jets Shot Down In the Donetsk Region

Two Ukrainian jets were shot down at approximately 5:30 A.M. EST today as they flew over the Donetsk region of the Ukraine today. The jets were Sukhoi-25 single seat combat fighter jets, the same type that was shot down on July 16th. Both jets were shot down in the same region that Malaysian Airlines flight 17 was shot down. Prior to the attack on the combat fighter jets, the U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pryatt, shared his concern that Russia has not stopped traffic of weaponry into the Ukrainian region.

“We are very concerned that Russia has not pulled back on the flow of heavy weapons. What needs to happen is Russia needs to stop sending weapons and fighters across the border.”

At this time, there are few details available in regards to the Sukhoi-25 single seat combat fighter jets. However, there are reports that rebels have “blown up a road bridge, a railroad bridge and train tracks in the city of Gorlivka”, according to the New York Times. There has also been an increase of Russian troops along the Ukrainian border and increased incidents of cross border shootings have been reported. According to Pravda TV, Russia is claiming that the same type of fighter jet that was shot down this morning is responsible for shooting down the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. Although this is currently considered more of a conspiracy theory, it is interesting to note.