Inside Prince George’s First Birthday Party: Guests Arrive For Peter Rabbit Party [Photos]

Prince George is officially one year old. The British royal family celebrated the big day at Kensington Palace with a guest list that was definitely fit for a future king. HRH Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Queen Elizabeth II were all present.

According to E! News, many members of the young royal’s immediate and extended family made the scene (minus grandpa Prince Charles, who’s in Scotland, but saw the little prince earlier in the day). However, Prince Charles did get to see the little Prince George when Kate Middleton brought him to Buckingham Palace earlier in the day to spend some quality time with grandpa before the party.

The family was throwing a Peter Rabbit themed party that was specially designed by the Middleton family, who owns a party planning business. Carole Middleton’s party site offers a wide range of Peter Rabbit themed party items such as napkins, plates, invitations, centerpieces, and more. We can speculate that the party was filled with the items from the Middleton family business.

The guest list was confirmed as members of the royal family began arriving today for the party. It was reported by the Daily Mail that Queen Elizabeth II spent about 50 minutes with her great-grandson Prince George before leaving the party. The Queen was escorted into Kensington Palace and was wearing a patterned floral dress, her trademark pearl earrings, a necklace, and lipstick.

Other guests included Uncle Prince Harry, Aunt Pippa Middleton, Uncle James Middleton, Grandma Carole Middleton, and other members of royalty. Zara Phillips, Prince William and Harry’s cousin, her spouse, and daughter, Mia, were also in attendance, meaning Prince George would have a playmate at the big event.

Though Prince Charles wasn’t present for the party, he did manage to secure the little prince a fluffy gift. Prince Charles was making a visit to Glendelvine Estate, a conservation center for woodland creatures in Scotland, during the party. While there, he was presented with a big plush squirrel to give to Prince George.

“He was most taken by it,” Ken Neil of the Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels campaign, told the Daily Express. “It’s quite large so we were joking that it was to scale because the Glendelvine red squirrels are so healthy.”

Outside of Kensington Palace, well-wishers were leaving balloons and flags at the gates in honor of Prince George’s birthday.

What do you think of Prince George’s first birthday celebration?

[Image Source: DailyMail]