Kacy Catanzaro Would Love To Be The Mighty Female Thor, Could ‘Thor 4’ Have A Woman Thor?

Kacy Catanzaro is saying she would love to be the new female Thor in a movie if Disney ever gets around to introducing the latest Lady Thor twist in the comics. But what other career options is the amazing gymnast considering now that she’s become famous as the first woman to make it all the way through American Ninja Warrior?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Kacy revealed her training secrets for how she prepared with her boyfriend to tackle the daunting task of toppling that wall.

When it was announced that a woman who was five foot tall and only 100 pounds managed to beat American Ninja Warrior, there seemed to be a lot of shock, and even skepticism, that this amazing feat could be pulled off with someone with those physical parameters. Personally, I did not find it shocking at all as a rock climber. Women in that same range of height and build often pull off crazy routes, including the best of the best professionals. For example, I recently attended a college level national championship and the only woman to complete the final route was about the same height and weight, and she went up the inverted wall like it was nothing (I could not finish even a fourth of the route without falling once).

So Kacy Catanzaro is definitely mighty, and #mightykacy was even trending on Twitter at one point, but does she have enough to be Marvel’s Mighty Thor? Kacy told ABC that people are already telling her she would make the perfect woman Thor:

“I’ve gotten a lot of tweets, ‘Oh there’s a new Thor, a woman, it should be you.’ I’m like, ‘OK, sign me up.”

In the short term, we definitely know Thor 3 will have Chris Hemsworth reprising his role, not a female Thor. So far, all the rumors indicate that we will see the Ragnarok storyline play out in movie theaters, but that does not mean we won’t see something drastically different for Thor 4, which would be a good number of years down the road. Marvel has been making monumental changes lately, including introducing a “superior” Iron Man which reinvents Tony Stark, and the idea of a female Thor has been very controversial in some circles. While we do not yet know the exact storyline, we do know the original Thor will now be called the “unworthy Thor,” which is probably based upon the inscription on the hammer Mjolnir, which reads: “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

Kacy Catanzaro

Well, Catanzaro apparently feels herself worthy enough for the task. The gymnast also says she has been trying to break into Hollywood as a stunt woman for movies or the TV shows. She says she knows of other people who have been trying to get a break for 10 years without cracking into the stunt industry, but she feels her American Ninja Warrior success may do the trick:

“My boyfriend Brent, he’s been a stuntman for like five years. Every time I watch him, I’m like, ‘I would love to do that,’ but it is so hard to get into. I do hope that some people will notice me and this might get me in that world. I want to do that sometime soon.”

Do you think Kacy Catanzaro is worthy of becoming the female Thor if they ever do a Thor 4 movie without (the suddenly unworthy) Chris Hemsworth?

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