‘Destiny’ Beta Returns! Now Live On Xbox Consoles Plus Playstation

Bungie took the Destiny beta down for maintenance early Monday morning after PS4 and PS3 owners were able to run around with their Guardians for a few days. It wasn’t expected to return until Wednesday morning, but the developer surprised everyone by flipping the switch to make it go live for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 plus Playstation consoles.

Destiny beta codes are floating around for those that want through various gaming sites and social media outlets. Bungie gave everyone two extra codes to share with friends. If you’re not up for begging, you can always just pre-order the game from an online retailer like Amazon. You’ll instantly receive a beta code to be redeemed at Bungie.net.

If you already have redeemed a Destiny beta code, go to Bungie.net, sign in and head over to your profile page. There’s a “Codes” sub-section there that will show all of the codes that you have available to redeem depending on the console you redeemed it on. Emails containing these same codes are expected to be sent out on Wednesday.

For those downloading the Destiny beta for the first time, expect a wait. You have to first download an installer application to your console. Once that is done and launched, you’ll be able to download the game itself, and it is a massive 13 GB download on the PS4 and Xbox One that is dependent on how overwhelmed the Bungie servers may become.

Destiny Beta - Ship Discovery

The Destiny beta will be available through Saturday, July 26. Bungie is planning to hold special events over the course of the next few days with the chance to earn extra rewards. There’s also the chance to obtain what Bungie calls a “permanent reward” by participating in the beta after 2 pm PDT during that final day of play.

Destiny is set to release on September 9 for all platforms. The beta contains all new missions compared to the alpha plus a new opening that better explains the universe, and improved Peter Dinklage voice over for Ghost. There’s also competitive multiplayer in the Crucible to check out with new maps available.

Xbox One owners should be aware that the Destiny beta is currently running at 900p. However, Bungie will have it running at 1080p and 30 frames per second when for the retail launch. It simply came down to not having enough time to optimize the graphics for the beta.