Grieving Father Makes Emotional Plea From Daughter’s Grave Site, Message To Drunk Drivers [Video]

A grieving father, Rick Ellis, visited the cemetery on the fourth anniversary of his 6-year-old daughter’s death where he used his cell phone to record his plea asking those who have drinking problems to get help now and never drive drunk.

Ellis lost his 6-year-old daughter in a drunk driving accident when the girl’s mother was driving intoxicated with the little girl in the car. The emotional video was taken by Ellis in hopes that one person would see the video and rethink their partying lifestyle.

Rick Ellis is determined to show the tragedy that can result from a night of partying. In the video Ellis says:

“I’m going to show you something that is the end result of your party on Friday nights, Saturday nights, whenever.”

Ellis then pans the video to his daughter’s grave. Ellis becomes extremely emotional when talking about the reason his daughter was taken from him so early. The pair died in Beaumont Mississippi, after the drunk mother tried to drive home to Arkansas from Gulf Shores, Alabama, after her boyfriend beat her up. Both the mother and child were killed instantly in the crash.

As Rick looks at the grave of his small daughter he says,

“This is my precious little girl who had been killed in a drunk driving accident. Her mother had been partying for two days, staying up all night, drinking whiskey, having fun. Everything was great. Well, it ‘aint so great now.”

The names on the gravestone read Christy M Johnson Ellis and Lindsey Kay Ellis. The video was originally shared on July 17 to Rick Ellis’ Facebook page and since the original posting it has been shared over 355,000 times.

Rick has been sharing a number of photos of his precious daughter and has received an outpouring of support and kind words on his Facebook page. Many people on the page are calling him a hero and vowing to put down the bottle. See some of the beautiful photos of Rick’s daughter below.

In a facebook post to his daughter after the amazing response from the video, Rick says:

“Baby girl daddy’s hears you, I hope we both can change the world!

I sit hear in complete amazement, it’s like you are right beside me again!

I never knew what I was gonna do to give your pretty lil face a voice after god called you home!

I think I did it Lindsey, (they hear you!)

I feel you, and it feels great! I can’t wait to see you either!

I’ll be home soon baby, but iv got something’s to do before I come home!

Love you so much