BP Oil Well Might Be Spilling Oil Again, Reason For Surface Oil Unknown

Nearly one year after BP capped their damaged Macondo oil well four and five-foot wide oil blobs have started appearing on the surface of the water near the well.

Reports have surfaced that a thin sheen has covered an area nearly 50 yards wide and a quarter-mile long and while the exact location of the spill is not known, early analysis shows that it’s the same Louisiana crude that could have flown from the BP well, however no breaches have been reported at the permanently sealed site.

According to environmentalists the oil could be appearing from a natural opening on the sea floor; escaping after being trapped in the destroyed ring or possibly rising from the sea floor where it landed after the explosion.

According to a rep for BP:

“Neither BP nor the Coast Guard has seen any scientific evidence that oil is leaking from the Macondo well, which was permanently sealed almost a year ago.”

In a worst case scenario oil is seeping out from around the sea floor where the well was capped.

In the meantime, a renowned petroleum engineer has called the entire scene “suspicious” as reports about the exact cause of the hovering oil remains unknown.