Does The Internet Make You Anxious? Then You’ll Relate To This Hilarious Video

File this under “21st Century Problems.”

The internet — we all know how useful it can be as a source of information. And as a source of entertainment, well, with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and so on it appears the internet will soon the our number one source of entertainment.

But the internet is the source of something else that we don’t like to talk about — stress! Internet anxiety and internet-related depression are just now being recognized as actual psychological problems of our high-tech, interconnected era.

As one recent report noted, not only can the internet cause social anxiety, but social anxiety causes us to use the internet even more. Talk about a vicious cycle.

And Facebook, that all-encompassing social media site, has the ability to make us just as unhappy and happy. Maybe moreseo.

If you still aren’t sure what internet anxiety actually is, check out this hilarious yet somewhat disturbing video from our friends at BuzzFeed.

Then tell us — do you relate? We’ll bet you do!