Jenny McCarthy: Hillary Clinton Is A Lesbian And Maybe Had Her Own Affairs

There’s debate over whether or not Hillary Clinton is a worthy candidate to run for presidency in 2016. It’s a healthy debate and one people should be talking about before they go to the polls in 2016. Throughout this continued conversation people have tried to discredit the accomplishments that Hillary has made during her lifetime.

That said, no one has ever questioned the former first lady’s sexuality, but we guess that’s what happens when you give Jenny McCarthy a platform such as The View to speak on. In the past few weeks the co-host has been airing out steam on The View and off of the talk show. This isn’t shocking considering she’s ready to pack her bags and move on to other business ventures despite having to ride out a job’s contract which expires at the end of the season.

According to The Wrap, during a segment on Tuesday’s show McCarthy hinted that Hillary Clinton might be hiding a few secrets of her own. The discussion turned to her sexuality when a tell-all book was brought into the conversation. The tell-all was written by a former secret service officer who was present for the Clinton administration. In the book he detailed that one of President Clinton’s mistresses was nicknamed “The Energizer.”

So how does this have to do with Hillary’s sexuality? It really doesn’t, and instead of agreeing that past extramarital affairs are no one’s business Jenny McCarthy decided to say:

“Maybe he has his girlfriends and and she has hers.” While Sherri Shepherd latched on to the accusation with, “You’re just putting stuff out there!” No one else really seemed to engage in McCarthy’s view.

Whoopi Goldberg brought the discussion back around, dismissing Clinton’s sexuality and said that Hillary’s opponents shouldn’t take this as something to fight with her about “because you’re not running against Bill, honey.” Later on she joked that sooner or later people will be saying that, “Bill and I had a threesome and a child.”

Twitter is also not amused:

So Jenny McCarthy thinks Hillary Clinton is a lesbian? Just add this to her nutty anti-Vaxxer beliefs. — Christopher (@ChristopherFTL) July 22, 2014

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