WWE News: Will The Undertaker Return For WrestleMania 31 Match With Sting?

The Undertaker has been with the WWE for two decades and has been one of the WWE's biggest stars in his time. After so many years in the ring, it seemed that The Phenom wanted to call it quits eventually. It seemed that whomever he decided to face at WrestleMania 30 would be the last match he would have, and it so happened to be Brock Lesnar that competed against him. Everyone wants to go out at WrestleMania, however The Undertaker was always treated as a special case.

Taker is known for his WrestleMania win streak, and going into WrestleMania 30, he had a 21 match win streak at the event. No one expected or even thought the streak would end. However, the WWE decided to have it conquered by The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.

One idea contemplated was having Daniel Bryan beat the streak, as The Undertaker asked to work with him. However, plans changed when WrestleMania season came around and a need for Bryan in the WWE World Heavyweight Title match was there. This is why Bryan ended up out of the match with Taker. How would things be today if Bryan was the guy who beat The Undertaker? I think it still would be fun to see. Either way, Taker was hurt a lot in his match with Lesnar, and most thought that The Phenom wrestled his last match simply due to the injuries he had during it.

Lesnar gave Undertaker a concussion among many other injuries, and things looked so bad for him that Vince McMahon, the WWE's Chairman of the Board, actually went to the hospital with him, leaving WrestleMania. Something he's never done in the 30 years of WrestleMania.

Taker is still nursing his injuries and, as of last month, it was said that he would never wrestle again. Of course, all of this was before wrestling legend Sting signed on to be part of the WWE. Sting wants to wrestle Undertaker, and has expressed this numerous times in interviews the last few weeks. Sting wants to give fans the match they have wanted to see for the better part of 20 years now. Sting wants it, badly, and Undertaker has expressed wanting to do it in the past. However, if he is too hurt physically to do it, can he risk it?

Undertaker Sting

Currently, Undertaker is able to work out in his personal gym in Texas at his ranch.

One source that has been talking with numerous wrestling websites claims:

"The last we had heard, which was, I don't know what a month or two ago, it feels like a bit over a month ago, Undertaker was saying that he did not expect to ever wrestle again, but he didn't rule it out 100%, he just didn't expect it."
Undertaker not ruling things out is the big thing, obviously. Undertaker has been doing this for the last few years, where he does not fully commit to coming back and plays it by ear. He was speculated to be done before he faced off with CM Punk at WrestleMania 29. Despite injuries, he still came back to wrestle the last few years.

Many backstage feel that Undertaker will come back because he'll once again get the "itch" to be back in the WWE when WrestleMania season comes about. Sting is a guy who could take care of The Undertaker in the ring, and it would be performance based with less high impact moves that Brock Lesnar is known for doing. Sting is a big guy, but not nearly the size of Brock. And his moves are easier to take for talent of all ages.

It has been reported that it was "not looking good" for Undertaker to return, however the hope is still there with the WWE. The company does not want to push him to return, but a dream match several WWE fans have wanted to see for some time would be great to finally get. Before, Sting was the only one holding back the match from happening. Now, it's Undertaker. Sadly, WWE and fans know that Undertaker is not invincible, and thus would never come back if he could not be the performer that he always has been. He'd rather quietly retire than put on a bad match, and that is to be respected if we have, in fact, seen his last match.

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