Battlefield 3 weapon customization detailed

On the Battlefield Blog earlier today, DICE detailed something I’ve personally been really looking forward to: Battlefield 3‘s extensive weapon customization options.

Each weapon will have three accessory slots. In order to deck out your gun of choice as fast as possible, you’ll have to stick to that weapon and that weapon alone, as accessory unlocks are awarded on a per-weapon basis.

In the image above, we see a carbine with three weapon attachments: a weighted barrel for decreased muzzle climb, a bipod for increased accuracy and a 4X scope. If you prefer your engagements be of the long-range variety, this is the type of setup you’ll likely be running with.

There’s plenty more, of course. You’ve got a selection of scopes, sights (including red dot and holographic), grenade and shotgun attachments, foregrips, flashlights and more to choose from. The idea, DICE explains, is to allow players to customize their favorite weapon to suit any situation by offering a wide variety of accessories.

Battlefield 3 is due out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 25 in North America, October 28 in Europe. The beta, which you’ll have access to ahead of time if you pre-order Battlefield 3 on Origin, is still due sometime next month.

Source: Battlefield Blog