More English Language Fail: 10 Signs That Must Have Made Sense Before Translation

The English language is hard. But it can also be funny — at least in an unintentional way. And nowhere is that bizarre quality more evident than when non-English speakers attempt to translate what appear to be simple signs into English, and come up with messages that, well, shall we say can be difficult to figure out.

Earlier Inquisitr brought you some of the more hilarious English language and sign fails out there. But because you can’t get too much crazy bad English, here are 10 more frankly strange sign fails.


That’s one way to keep the kids in line.

Located at the end of Anti-Semitic Street…

Still trying to figure this one out.

That’s called fighting fire with fire.

This bootleg CD has the potential to be the greatest rock album of all time.

No comment.

We’re detecting a theme here…

But sometimes, when you gotta stampede, you gotta stampede!

Really, the best kind of care. But be sure to leave a good tip.

This one is just frightening.

Generally not a good idea anywhere.

Okay, we lied. That was 11.

In your travels, what are the most bizarre English language fails you’ve ever seen?