Kim Kardashian, Other Reality TV Stars Won’t Be Found On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Oh his show The Soup comedian/actor Joel McHale loves to say that Kim Kardashian is only famous for having a “big butt on a sex tape” and apparently the committee for the Hollywood Walk Of Fame agrees, revealing that reality TV stars have no place on the famous walk’s stars.

On the walks official Facebook page they wrote:

“Someone asked if we give reality show characters stars? Hell to the No!” said the post which was gaining many likes by the minute with positive comments for their decision.

In order to receive a star the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce committee must approve the nomination and celebrities must agree to appear for the ceremony.

According to Ana Martinez, Vice President for Media Relations and Producer for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, to have your own star you have to have a long career in your field of entertainment, provide a good amount of philanthropic work and receive numerous awards for your work, something reality TV stars tend to lack in at least one area of their career, for example remember when Paris Hilton was the original Kim Kardashian? Point taken.

Here’s a fun fact, stars have to pay $30,000 to fund the star, have it installed and have it cared for.

While it’s true a few Reality TV stars are on the walk, those stars are reserved for their previous work, such as Ozzy Osbourne for his music career and Gene Simmons also for his career as the frontman for KISS.

So basically it’s not that reality TV stars can’t be found on Hollywood stars in the future, they simply have to increase their entertainment experience to be recommended for a spot.