George Harrison(Tree) Killed By ‘Beetles’

George Harrison is DEAD. Well, you knew that, but now so is his tree. Los Angeles, Tuesday morning, was the location of the tragedy. The George Harrison Memorial tree stood long and proud for 14 years, until its life was cut short by jealous beetles. It was not John nor Ringo. It was not even Paul, despite the fact that he is the only living Beatle. Actually, reports suggest that Ringo is, in fact, alive too.

In any case, this sad day in LA was chronicled by the LA Times:

“The memorial tree in Griffith Park had grown to more than 10 feet tall as of 2013, but LaBonge said the tree beetle onslaught was too much for the tree. Trees in Griffith Park have occasionally been the victims of bark beetles and ladybug beetles, among other tree-unfriendly creatures.”

The BBC reports that the George Harrison tree was a pine tree that was dedicated to the late Beatle who spent his final days in the ‘City of Angels.’ They went on to report, George Harrison was a “keen gardener.”

Los Angeles Councilman Tom LaBonge told the LA Times that the George Harrison tree had been growing well and peaked in 2013. Its sheer height was not enough to defend itself from its tiny assassins. George Harrison must have also been an avid green being because the ironic words inscribed on the memorial plaque are ” For the forests to be green, each tree must be green.” Obviously, the beetles did not feel the same way as George did.

Reportedly, the George Harrison pine tree will be replanted shortly, but no dates were given for the new planting. Unfortunately, the original George Harrison tree will be laid to rest, due to the beetles assault left it completely infested and destroyed.

It is unclear what drove the beetles to this shocking decision and action, but it certainly is a tragedy of epic proportions. No investigations have been announced or even planned. This senseless tragedy will go unabated, with the exception of the new George Harrison tree planting. One can only hope George and the Harrison family will be forgiving for heartless attack that lead ultimately to the death of the George Harrison… memorial pine tree.