Ellen DeGeneres Divorce: Did Portia De Rossi Tell Ellen She No Longer Loves Her?

Ellen DeGeneres has not filed from divorce from her wife, Portia de Rossi, yet, but rumors about the couple’s failing marriage just won’t quit. In a new reported by WebProNews, a source says that Portia actually told Ellen that she no longer loves her. This apparently caused a huge fight that led Portia to rehab back in May. Couple this with reports that Portia caught Ellen cheating on her with a mutual friend, and you have a classic example of a marriage that’s over.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ellen has decided to give up drinking in an effort to support her wife and to get her marriage back on track. The couple is also reportedly going to therapy to talk out their issues and find a way back to one another.

Ellen DeGeneres has been doing everything that she can to keep Portia in her life. According to OK! Magazine, Ellen has taken significant time off from work to vacation with her wife and really work on rekindling their romance. And, in pictures snapped by the paparazzi, Ellen and Portia look more than happy together.

OK! reports:

“Portia, 41, and Ellen 56, have made a real attempt to rekindle their bond, with Ellen taking time out of her busy schedule for a romantic vacation. On June 29, the pair were spotted on a yacht off the coast of Croatia, clearly enjoying their downtime together.”

Ellen DeGeneres has combated split rumors in the past, but recently she has stayed mum on the subject. It is hard to imagine things being so bad between these two because they always look so happy. However, not everyone knows the truth to what happens behind closed doors. At this point, it’s very possible that Portia entered rehab as part of her program — some people need to go back for treatment every few months just to regain focus and “check-in.” Perhaps once the media got wind of Portia’s rehab visit, the flood gates opened and the rumors poured in.

Now, had Portia de Rossi had a rep released a statement about her going to rehab for a “check-up” or what have you, maybe the media wouldn’t have gone so crazy. It seems that the secretive cover-up is what has set the rumor mill on fire.

What do you think? Are Ellen and Portia having serious marital problems, or are all of these stories simply fabricated by nosy media outlets?

[Photo courtesy of Fox News]