EPA Office of Water Is Caught Playing Kim Kardashian Mobile Game, Apologizes

The wildly popular Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app is one of the most downloaded game in the Apple online store, according to the LA Times. In it, the user creates a celebrity in their likeness, then, through quests, attempts to become a superstar. Apparently, the good people at the EPA Office of Water are taking part in the craze and actually tweeted the game out to their 52,000 followers by accident.

The tweet from the official EPA Office of Water went as follows:

“‘I’m now a C-list celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Come join me and become famous too by playing on iPhone!”

The tweet remained up a few hours before the EPA realized their mistake and apologized to their followers, but thanked Kim Kardashian for the publicity.

One Congressman, John Dingell of Michigan, was simply wondering what a Kardashian was and why they were involved with the EPA. Dingell went so far as to wonder about the EPA Water’s mental state.

Fortunately for Dingell, there are many on his staff who were willing to educate him on what a Kardashian is, and once he found out, he was left even more confused.

The makers of the program, Glu Games, were sure to get in on the action and messed around a bit with the EPA.

It appears the EPA Water Department took the whole Kim Kardashian tweet in good stride, but I bet they will pay closer attention to who is logged in to the Twitter account and what they are doing from now on. The EPA has not said who was to blame in this instance, but from tweeting out the game to the “our bad” response, one is left to assume someone a little younger than John Dingell made the mistake.

What do you think of the EPA Water Department’s tweet? Can you blame them for hopping on the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app train? More importantly, do you think the EPA team can move to an A-lister or are they stuck at C-lister status?