Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Rumors Heat Up, Alleged Marc Anthony Affair Detailed in Tabloids

Earlier this week, rumors began to circulate that one of Hollywood’s strongest power couples- Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith- were on the rocks.

The pair have both vociferously commented in the past on their commitment to making their marriage work, regardless of the circumstances. And after nearly a decade and a half together, the couple has weathered a lot and outlasted many Hollywood marriages. So what would cause a seemingly-sudden spate of marital discord disruptive enough to possible end their coupledom?

If InTouch Weekly is to be believed, it may be due to a covert relationship between Jada and Jennifer Lopez’s soon-to-be ex, Latin crooner Marc Anthony. On one hand, the rumor is almost too salacious to ring true- would either Anthony or Pinkett Smith take such a massive risk, knowing how big of a target both couples are for paparazzi? On the other hand, it’s interesting that InTouch is standing by their version of events knowing that Smith and his wife could definitely afford high-priced attorneys to battle a spurious claim.

According to another site, InTouch‘s upcoming issue details the series of alleged events that includes Smith’s discovery of the affair:

It alleges that Will Smith, “under the cover of darkness,” made a surprise visit to one of their houses in early August and found his wife with Marc… Will reportedly left in tears after making the discovery, even though he once said he and Jada had an open marriage.

Jada, 39, reportedly moved out of the house the next day, and Will fired several staff, accusing them of covering up the affair.

A source that spilled to the magazine says that those on-set for Pinkett-Smith’s new medical drama on TNT, Hawthorne, said the “chemistry” between Jada and Marc Anthony created buzz- and the piece points out that Anthony’s original bit part has escalated into a long-term role as well as a gig as the show’s musical producer.