Zac Efron Goes Skydiving For The First Time With Bear Grylls, Also Jumps Off Cliff, Eats Bugs [Video]

Zac Efron is Running Wild With Bear Grylls in the upcoming season premier of the show on July 28th. Efron goes skydiving for the first time with Grylls as well as jumps off a cliff, eats bugs and for all the Efron lovers, Zac can be seen running around shirtless in a portion of the premier.

Leading up to the premier, the producers have released a number of videos showing Efron’s first ever skydive. In the video you see Efron giving the sign of the cross before he jumps out of the plane. The jump is a tandem jump and you can see Zac giving the thumbs up on the way down.

In the season premier trailer of Running Wild With Bear Grylls, you can see Bear taking Zac on a number of adventures. Zac told ABC News it is a dream come true to be able to run wild with Bear.

“My dad and I would watch Bear Grylls’ adventure shows growing up constantly. That’s something we would do together as a family. It inspired a lot of family trips for us. I know Bear, he’s a little bit crazy. I know he’s very well-trained. I know that he’s not going to put me in any danger I can’t handle. But I know he’s going to push me to my limit.”

Zac noted that he was happy to be pushed to a new level of adventure stating:

“I really liked to get pushed out of my comfort zone.”

The skydiving was certainly a highlight of the adventure but the duo can also be seen repelling shirtless down a cliff, eating bugs and many other “out of your comfort zone” tasks.

Zac Efron himself also posted a teaser of the jump on his personal Instagram account which you can see below.

What do you think of Zac Efron’s first skydiving jump? Would you be brave enough to run wild with Bear Grylls?