Ellen DeGeneres Gives Up Drinking To Help Save Marriage With Portia De Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres is reportedly going all out to save her crumbling marriage to Portia de Rossi, with rumors that the daytime talk show host has given up drinking to help her wife stay sober.

Sources say friction with Ellen --- including reports that Ellen has been unfaithful --- pushed Portia off the deep end and triggered her drinking habit, which had largely been under control. In May, Portia quietly did a stint in rehab to help address the problem.

But now Ellen DeGeneres is on board to help out Portia, even if it means no more drinking.

''Ellen has always been a big drinker," a source told OK! magazine. ''She loves her wine but she's realized her behavior has only enabled Portia to drink as well, and she feels partially responsible for Portia's rehab stint.''

The sources says that Ellen came to a crossroads when she realized the depth of Portia's problems, leading to her decision to give up drinking as well.

The source explained: ''Ellen loves Portia more than anything in the world and wants to make sure she's healthy, emotionally and physically. She's realised that drinking in front of Portia is just selfish. Right now their marriage is better than it's been in years, and Ellen is just grateful that her wife is healthy again. She's ready to enjoy every minute that she has with Portia.''

But others disagree with the assessment that their marriage is strong. There have been seemingly endless reports in recent weeks that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are nearing divorce. Sources say Portia has grown tired of Ellen's controlling ways and alleged affairs.

But they appear to be addressing the problem. A recent report claimed that Ellen and Portia had decided to attend marriage counseling, which has been helping a bit.

"It's going to take a lot for Portia to trust Ellen again," the source said. "They kept up with the therapy after Portia got out of rehab, but they still have a long way to go."

Ellen DeGeneres hasn't spoken about the latest rumors, but in the past has steadfastly denied that there are any problems between her and Portia de Rossi.