Restaurant Posts 'Guns Are Welcome' Sign At Front Door [Video]

While many restaurants such as Chipotle, Sonic, and Chili's have no-gun policies, Shilow Brew and Crew is trending in the opposite direction.

The gun-friendly owner of the East Tennessee family style eatery, Sharma Floyd, recently posted a notice on the front door that reads "Guns are welcome on premises. Pleased keep ALL weapons holstered unless the need arises. In such case, judicious marksmanship is appreciated!"

Floyd told local media (see embed below) she got the idea of allowing licensed gun owners to bring their firearms into her establishment when she read about a North Carolina that banned guns that got robbed at gunpoint. She may or may not have been referring a North Carolina barbecue restaurant, as The Inqusitr previously reported, that posted a sign that said "no weapons, no concealed firearms" that was subsequently held up by three gunmen.

Other than beer, Shilow Brew and Chew serves no alcohol (the brew refers to coffee and, incidentally, chew refers to the food rather than tobacco). Floyd noted, however, that she won't serve beer to anyone who is packing heat.

Since posting the sign about a month ago, the restaurant has received a lot of positive feedback and a bunch of new customers, according to the owner. Many of the newcomers show up to take a picture of the sign and thank her personally for implementing the policy.

Many people across the country favor the preservation of gun rights under the U.S. Constitution even without being gun owners. Floyd herself apparently does not own a gun or hold a pistol permit despite the "guns are welcome" policy, but she is strongly supportive of the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms: "As the owner, I want to stand my ground. I have that constitutional right. If you like it, that's great. If you don't, I'm sorry for you. I can't change who I am."

Would you be more likely to have dinner at a gun-free or a gun-friendly restaurant?