Watch This Amazing Manta Ray Rescue By Divers — And The Way The Manta Says ‘Thanks’

The Manta Ray is one of the most beautiful, mysterious — and biggest — creatures in the ocean. But like most sea creatures, it is far from safe from human activity in the ocean waters.

The majestic manta ray in this video, filmed by scuba diver Jane Headley off the coast of the Philippines in April, shows a beautiful manta ray whose right wing has somehow been ensnared in a fishing line.

This video reminds of another amazing video, showing boaters freeing a whale from a fishing net.

This manta must have been swimming with the line for quite a while because as is clearly visible in the video, the sharp line has already cut a two-and-a-half-foot laceration in the creature’s wing — and barnacles are growing on the line.

But these kind scuba divers come to the rescue. And what is even more amazing than the way they free the elegant creature from the painful fishing line, is the seeming thanks the big fish offers the divers.

Notice how when one diver makes an initial attempt to cut the line, the manta ray pulls away, in both pain and, perhaps, fear. Contrary to myth, manta rays are not harmful to humans and are rather gentle creatures.

But after divers manage to remove most of the line, with just one last piece to go, the manta ray calmly settles down and allows them to help, without so much as a twitch.

And then, rather than simply swim off, the big manta ray stays with the divers. Is the fish, in its own way, trying to thank them for their kindness? We’ll never know, but it sure looks that way.

A manta ray can live more than 20 years. Let’s hope this one heals from her wound and has nice, long life of swimming around the ocean, thanks to these selfless scuba divers.