Pippa Middleton Pregnant? Kate’s Sister Raises Suspicion After Buying Baby-Ready Home

Pippa Middleton is raising suspicion that she is pregnant after the famous royal sister locked down a dream home that happens to be baby-ready.

Pippa and her boyfriend of two years, Nico Jackson, are reportedly planning on moving into a $3 million Victorian terrace in West London that has six double bedrooms, a movie theater, and and one other telling feature — quarters for a nanny.

The home is currently undergoing some more renovations, which are expected to be finished within a few days.

As the Daily Mirror reported, the home purchase has raised speculation that Pippa Middleton is either pregnant or planning on having a baby very soon.

“The separate living accommodation for childcare is particularly appealing for them which could signal they think starting a family isn’t too far off,” a source said. “A little cousin for Prince George might not be out of the question after they set up home.”

The house could just be one of many living spaces for Pippa and Nico, who recently took a job with a hedge fund in Geneva. Sources say the couple will be splitting time between Switzerland and the UK.

“They’ll be looking at properties in Geneva too, but are clear they want London as their main foothold,” a source said.

The 30-year-old Pippa currently lives in a nearly $1.5 million home, which her parents bought Pippa and her brother James. This summer the siblings traveled to the United States, where they took part in a 3,000 mile bike trek across the United States to raise money for charity.

Pippa said she took the work seriously, and hoped to raise both awareness and money for the British Heart Foundation, which recently made her an ambassador.

“I was shocked to learn that nearly three times more women die from coronary heart disease than breast cancer,” she said in a statement released by the charity. “I’m passionate about raising awareness amongst women of this killer disease and I look forward to working with the BHF to highlight to women the risks of heart disease and importantly, how they can reduce them.”

If Pippa Middleton is pregnant, she could have some good company. There are widespread reports that her sister Kate is pregnant with baby No. 2, though there has not yet been official confirmation from the royal palace.