Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed Dating? Ian Takes Nikki To Farmer’s Market, Sparks Dating Rumors

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed appear to be dating. Based on new photos, The Vampire Diaries actor and the Twilight star seem to have found something special together. According to the Mail Online, Ian and Nikki have been seen out running together, which signified that they were friends. However, new photos show Ian getting close with Nikki, lovingly putting his arm around her and nuzzling into her neck, and that suggests that they are more than just friends.

According to People Magazine, Ian and Nikki looked “cozy” as they browsed a farmer’s market together in Studio City, California, on Sunday. Evidently the actors have something going on that transcends the friend zone. It is possible that the two are just touchy-feely friends, but many think that this is something a little more serious.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have been spotted together a couple of times now, but the recent photos of them actually out together — and in close contact with one another — suggests that they are enjoying a bit of romance. Interestingly enough, Nikki is friends with Ian’s ex, Nina Dobrev — or at least she was. That’s not awkward at all, right?

Speaking of Nina, there had been a few reports that she and Ian reconciled and decided to give their relationship another go. According to The Inquisitr, the two did a trial period and then decided to officially get back together — but that’s not how it seems now. Ian looked way too cozy with Nikki to be in love with Nina… or maybe this was all part of some of plan to make Nina jealous. But is that really Ian’s style?

Nikki is single and has been single since splitting from her husband, Paul McDonald, earlier this year. She and Ian seem like they’d be a good match, and even though fans are sad to see that Ian isn’t with Nina, many like the idea of him with Nikki. She is very down-to-earth and seems open-minded and free-spirited, something that Ian appreciates in a woman.

If Nikki is the one for Ian, chances are the two won’t wait too long to make something happen. Ian has wanted to settle down for a while now, and Nikki has shown that she is the marrying type, so who knows?

Do you think Ian and Nikki will last? Are you still holding out hope that Ian and Nina will get back together?

[Photos courtesy of Wikia and Zap2It]