‘The Vampire Diaries’ Drink Nixed: China Bans Bloody Beverages, Concoctions

In a shocking move days ago, China banned The Vampire Diaries drink, which sent a stake through the hearts of the dark melodrama series. The government of the People’s Republic of China took issue with all novelty beverage and soda products packaged with fake blood and bearing the vampire name, according to a Wall Street Journal news report.

The Shanghai Food and Drug Administration (or CFDA ), a counterpart of the U.S. FDA issued a countrywide ban of the popular vampire-inspired drink, stating that none of the outlets were issued retail licenses. The food safety agency said it made the decision over growing health concerns — without citing any known deaths or injuries associated with use.

In the ban, Chinese officials singled out any beverage labeled The Vampire Diaries, Blood Energy Potion, and other crimson-colored drinks made to mimic thick hemoglobin.

The statement is posted on the government’s official website. It reads:

This kind of sales strategy, which sells no-name products that pander to peoples’ desire for things exciting and new, violates social integrity and moral principles and fails to conform to related national laws. It misleads customers and damages the health of youth.”

In a report by Beverage Daily, the agency’s ban on beverages that resemble vampire blood is based on the belief that the sale of such products are damaging to the mental health of teenagers.

In wake of the series’ popularity on the CW, Vampire Diaries has sparked a global following of blood-sucking wannabes. And the super-celebrity of Nina Dobrev has taken the cult series and others like it to another level.

The Vampire Diaries are enormously popular here now and with all the interest in everything to do with vampires, we felt this was something that would really catch on. They have been a real hit with the younger generation. We don’t get many older customers, they think it’s weird when they realize everything we have to drink is only available in blood bags,” said Hsin Hsia, 43, manager of the coffee house.

Many question the motives behind the China ban on the blood-dripping drinks for sale at several eateries across the country. Some point to politics and the rise of several headlines accusing the country of illicit food and safety practices.

In a previous report out today by The Inquisitr, China came under fire for an alleged fast food scare involving McDonald’s and Yum Brands, Inc. Videos surfaced showing meat suppliers shipping products beyond expiration dates and packaging products that were contaminated due to faulty handling.

But don’t expect carriers of the faux-blood drinks to stop in their tracks over the controversial new regulations affecting the popular Vampire Diaries sodas and beverages. Readers on several sites suggest that sellers of the Diaries-inspired drinks will only take their business underground, citing that there’s too much at stake.

Ironically, there doesn’t seem to be a brouhaha brewing over True Blood fruit drinks (Tru). What say you about that bloodsuckers?

[Image via CandynStuff]