Justin Bieber Reacts After Selena Gomez's Birthday PDA With New Man Tommy Chiabra

Justin Bieber calls Selena Gomez "beautiful" after she goes public in St. Tropez tryst with new man Tommy Chiabra.

Justin Bieber seems to have reacted - if you know what you're looking at - to intimate, new photos of his former girlfriend Selena Gomez with new man Tommy Chiabra celebrating her 22nd birthday on a luxury yacht in Saint- Tropez, France.

The pop prince already proved he closely follows Selena's social media accounts, when he called a female Guess model "stunning" on his Instagram on the eve of Gomez's birthday. A male model tweeted the same compliment to the Spring Breakers actress this past weekend.

And it seems the Biebs thinks, or knows, Gomez follows his online postings too.

After snaps of Selena's PDA with 28-year-old Royal Yacht Supplies founder Tommy hit the web, Justin changed his Twitter header to prominently display the "Angel" tattoo he had inked in the likeness of Gomez last April.

He also posted a Shots photo with the same tattoo in focus.

Bieber also shared selfies wearing one of the three designer bracelets --- red leather with a silver clasp --- that he purchased at the Melrose Avenue Nialaya Jewelry store on June 24, the same month he and Gomez were still attempting a reunion.

It's possible the bracelets have or had some 'meaning' to the pair, formerly known as Jelena.

Another Shots snap showed Bieber in a seemingly despondent state (below).

The photo was captioned,"Night" and revealed the "Baby" superstar covering his eyes as if he couldn't quite believe or bear what he was seeing.

Those hot photos of Selena and Tommy in St. Tropez?

As we previously reported, Nialaya Jewelry posted pictures of Bieber alongside an image of his bracelet purchases at their social media accounts.

On June 24, Nialaya confirmed the Canadian singer bought gifts for himself and Selena in an Instagram.

Their caption read: "Justin Bieber at the Nialaya Flagship store on Melrose buying jewelry for himself and Selena Gomez (sic)."

Justin Bieber

(Photo: via Nialaya Instagram.)

From the outside, Bieber's reach out to Gomez seems confusing. It had been widely thought their June reunion flamed out after he resumed a relationship with 18-year-old Miami model Yovanna Ventura. He later blitzed his social media accounts with snaps of the pair.

So, have we got it all wrong? Did Selena, in fact, turn Justin down, prompting him to take up again with Yovanna?

That ties in with E! News and Gossip Cop's reporting through June. Both consistently said Jelena hadn't reunited - as such - but were taking it slow and seeing how things went.

Perhaps that explains Bieber's current hedonism spree?

After Ventura, he posted a lingerie Instagram of his former gal pal Ashley Moore, appeared to flirt online with model Chantel Jeffries, and recently threw a six-times cop-attended rooftop party at his Beverly Hills condo to which at least 10 scantily-clad females were invited.

For her part, Gomez doesn't appear to be looking back. After four roller coaster years with Justin, she seems to be thoroughly enjoying her 22nd birthday, and may be ready to take the big leap with Tommy in more ways than one.

(Selena Gomez having fun with Cara Delevingne and Tommaso Chiabra in St. Tropez for her 22nd birthday.)

Selena has been yachting with model Cara Delevingne, Tommy and others aboard billionaire Alshair Fiyaz's Ecstasea since Monday.

She was seen wowing in a one-piece, blowing out candles on a chocolate birthday cake, jet-skiing, parasailing, and also sharing a shower and a towel with Tommy. At one point Gomez was also seen holding Chiabra's hand as they jumped off the yacht.

Last night, the pair were seen ashore in St. Tropez with the rest of their party. Selena wore a beautiful pajama-shirt dress with to-die-for heels.

Chiabra has previously been linked to Gossip Girl Jessica Szohr and the model/dancer Nina Senicar, and no-one seems to know if he and Gomez will carry on a relationship once she returns to Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber Emotional After Selena Gomez Gets Together With Tommaso Chiabra

(Photo: Selena Gomez not moping over Justin Bieber, showers intimately with Tommaso Chiabra, takes the leap above.)

Selena Gomez

But the actress-singer's emotional moping over Justin seems to be over. For right now.

Taking to Instagram last night, Selena shared a snapshot of herself with her gal pals.

She wrote: "Thank you SO much for my birthday wishes... this has been the BEST birthday yet! THANK YOU!!!!"

Later Wednesday, X17.com uploaded a video of Justin maturely praising Selena when paparazzi asked him if she was "still your friend."

Bieber's reply? "She's beautiful. We'll always..." And then he got cut off as his bodyguard closed an SUV door.

To watch X17Online's video, click the highlight.

Selena Gomez Moves On From Justin Bieber With Tommy Chiabra

(Photo: Selena hits St. Tropez nightlife with Tommy, poses with her girls on Instagram below.)

Selena Gomez With Girlfriends In St. Tropez, France

[Images via INFPhoto.com, Spread Pictures, X17,com, Mail Online.]