Trash Hauler Dumps Two Tons Of Garbage In Customer’s Driveway

A trash hauler is accused of dumping nearly two tons of garbage in a customer’s driveway. Authorities in Red Wing, Minnesota, confirmed an employee of Paul’s Industrial Garage made the mess in retaliation for an unpaid bill.

City officials said Paul’s Industrial Garage, or P.I.G., provided services to Red Wing, and several other neighboring communities, for more than 10 years. Councilor Dean Hove said the incident was the company’s “first major transgression.”

Red Wing Public Works Deputy Director Jeff Schneider said several neighbors witnessed the disturbing incident.

According to reports, the unidentified customer contracted to use one of P.I.G.’s refuse containers to dispose of a large volume of trash. Weeks later, a P.I.G. employee returned to the home to collect the container. Upon arrival, he stepped out of the truck to make a phone call. When he ended the call, the driver got back into his truck, picked up the roll-off container, and unloaded its contents into the customer’s driveway. He then took the container and fled the scene.

As reported by Post Bulletin, Red Wing council member Peggy Rehder responded to the home to assess the damage:

“I opened my car door… and the smell was incredible… This was a very deliberate action … which threatens the health and safety of the neighborhood. I view this as very serious business.”

City officials said the refuse company threatened “public health, welfare, and safety.” As the trash included hazardous materials, city workers were forced to spend hours cleaning up the mess.

As reported by The Huffington Post, the Goodhue County Attorney’s Office ordered P.I.G. to reimburse the city $735 — the cost of clearing and hauling the refuse. The company was also fined $1,800 for unlawful dumping. The County Attorney has requested the driver’s name, as further charges are pending.

P.I.G. owner Paul Larson refused to publicly comment on the incident. However, he did provide an letter of explanation. Larson said the customer had possession of the collection bin for more than six weeks.

Although the company attempted to collect the container and the rental fees numerous times, the customer refused to cooperate. Larson said the company was forced to dump the garbage in the customer’s driveway so they could collect the bin.

Larson said he was forced to take action, as he already lost nearly $1,500 in revenue.

Although the company provided an explanation for their decision, city officials said dumping the garbage in the driveway was dangerous and irresponsible.

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