Mother Who Gave 5-Year-Old Daughter To Men For Sex Charged Clients Only $10

A 48-year-old British woman from south London has spoken out about the ordeals she faced at the hands of her mother, who sold her for sex to men when she was just 5-years-old.

The Daily Mail reported that the woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, revealed that her mother let men have sex with her for over a decade, often paying just $10 or just supplying alcohol. What’s more, even after the girl was taken into care, she was still sexually abused during weekend visits to her home until she ran away when she was 15.

The victim never got the chance to properly confront her mother about the heinous things she put her through or to have her arrested as she passed away suddenly, she told reporters:

“When I heard my mother had died I actually laughed. That might sound awful but words cannot describe the hatred and fear I had for that woman after what she forced me to do. I remained frightened of her my whole life. I regret not reporting her while she was still alive because there can be no greater act of evil for a mother than to sell the body of her own daughter. But it was only when she died that I felt free. The police couldn’t do anything of course but it felt like a weight had gone just to report it.”

She continued to speak about how even though her mother was never punished for the things she had done to her daughter, she gains strength from helping other victims of abuse. “People think things like this don’t happen on our streets but I’m living proof and I want to use my story to save other children from a life like mine,” she said.

She recalled that when she was just 5-years-old her mother took her to an apartment block in London to meet with a strange man:

“I remember mum taking me to a block of flats and her knocking the door. She spoke to the man and then pushed me inside the door. I was so young I just did what I was told. I knew it felt wrong but I was scared and confused and after he gave me a lollipop. I remember mum telling me to stop snivelling. There was no comfort or emotion from her at all.”

The tragic story gets even more disturbing as the victim revealed how she and her sister were then systematically raped by men who visited their apartment and paid their mother in cash or alcohol. The men would take the girls to a disused factory behind their home and rape them:

“Mum would just sneer at me after. I had no idea why she hated me so much. She barely fed us and made us sleep on the floor. I lived in fear of knocks at the door.”